Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
With the unusual events of the past several weeks behind me it is time to begin our new adult book study.  We will be focusing on the Holy Spirit, working mostly from the book titled "Giver of Life", by Fr. John Oliver.  Our first class will be at 5:00 pm Saturday, and will focus on the person of the Holy Spirit in the first centuries of the Church up until the second Ecumenical Council in 381, plus the first chapter of the book.  It is not absolutely necessary that you have a copy of the book in hand.  I think the class will prove worthwhile whether or not you purchase a copy.
Tentatively, my intention after we complete this study would be to start a short study in the period leading up to the Nativity by reading the book "Becoming Human", and especially looking at it in light of the Fathers, such as "On the Incarnation", by St. Athanasios the Great.  After the first of the  year, I am leaning toward a study of one or more of the Epistles of St. Paul.
1.  The Coming Week:  Turning back to the short term for a moment.  After our class Saturday afternoon we will serve Great Vespers at 6:o00 p.m., and Divine Liturgy Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.  On Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. we will serve a moleben for the sick and the suffering, followed by inquirers class.
2.  Grace Dancsecs is home from the hospital, but has a recovery period in front of her.  Please continue to pray for and her parents, John and Pam.
3.  Remember that our annual parish meeting will be on Sunday, October 20, after Divine Liturgy.  Without beating a dead horse, if you haven't pledged, please try to do so this weekend.
4.  Keep in mind that Subdeacon Maximus and Emilia have resumed Sunday school for the children.  It takes place following Divine Liturgy.
I hope to see you all this weekend!
In Christ,
Fr. James.