Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Aside from the understandable excitement over the breaking of a 4 day dry spell with a much needed deluge, as well as the change to daylight savings time very early on Sunday morning, there is something infinitely more solemn and joyful occurring.  Starting on Monday morning (for most of us), we begin this year's journey through Great Lent.  We never know what will exactly happen in the course of that journey, but my most fervent prayer is that we are all resolved to start on with all of our being.  We have been preparing for weeks, and now the day is almost upon us.  Let us be joyful and courageous!
1.  The coming week very busy!  We will start with Great Vespers on Saturday evening at 5:00 p.m.  On Sunday morning, Divine Liturgy will be at 10:00 a.m., and will be followed by the Rite of Forgiveness.  I think everyone knows how important I view that day as being.
On every weeknight next week, we will start services at 6:30 p.m. On Monday through Thursday we will serve consecutively the four parts of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete.  On Wednesday evening we will first serve Pre-Sanctified Liturgy at 6:30, which will then be followed by the third part of the Canon.  On Friday night, we will serve Pre-Sanctified Liturgy at 6:30, followed by our customary Lenten meal and discussion of our book, "Way of A Pilgrim".
2.  Speaking of the Friday evening meal, we are looking for volunteers to provide food for each of those Fridays.  Traditionally, the Lenten meal consists of soup and bread.  If you can take one of the Fridays, please let me know.
3.  For those with children, remember that Emilia and Subdeacon Maximus are teaching Sunday school for the children after Liturgy each Sunday.
And please remember the time change.  I hope to see all of you - on time - this weekend!
In Christ, 
Fr. James