Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I hope that you have experienced our first two weeks of Great Lent with much joy!  Make no mistake about it -- we often face unexpected and unlooked for obstacles during this holy season.  But each such hurdle allows us an opportunity to expereince the truth that St. Paul wrote of, that even in adversity we can find contentment in Christ.  To be honest, I look forward to our remaining time leading up to Pascha.  It will be exhausting, frustrating and, at times, even painful, but with a right attitude the rewards are boundless.
1.  Upcoming:  Remember that this evening at 6:30 we will have Pre-Sanctified Liturgy, which will; be followed by a Lenten meal and a discussion of our reading in "Way of a Pilgrim".
Tomorrow, we will serve a Liturgy for the Departed at 9:30 a.m., and at 6:00 p.m. we Will have Great Vespers for Sunday.
On Sunday, we will serve Divine Liturgy for the Sunday of Gregory Palamas, as well as the Forefeast of the Annunciation, which falls on Monday.  We will hear much about both of those aspects of Sunday.
In the coming week, we will have pre-sanctified Liturgy on both Wednesday and Friday nights at 6:30 p.m.  After our Friday service we will once again share a meal and discuss our Lenten reading.
2.  Needs:  There are three particular needs that I want to call your attention to.
First, as usual, we are seeking donations to be used to buy flowers to be placed around the Tomb during Pascha.  There is a separate container for this purpose on the table in the foyer.  Kathy Reymers is working on this.
Second, keep in mind that we are collecting items that would be useful to women who are in a women';s shelter.  This can mean feminine hygiene products, as well as other things that might be useful to women living under those circumstances.  Photini Young is coordinating that.  
Finally, each year we take up a collection called "Patriarchal Pence" for the benefit of the Ecumenical Patriarch.  This year we are taking that collection this Sunday. If you are making a contribution for that purpose, make sure that you indicate on your check that it is for the Patriarchal Pence. 
I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!
In Christ,
Fr. James