Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I hope that the beginning of the holy season of Great Lent has been good one for you!  We have a lot of weeks ahead of us, but it is good to begin.
1.  This week:  This evening at 6:30 we will serve Pre-Sanctified Liturgy.  This is a very ancient and beautiful service.  Remember, if you intend to commune, our fasting rules for this service.  Afterwards we will share a Lenten meal and have our first  discussion of the book "The Way of the Pilgrim"  We will build off of our class on Orthodox Spirituality to identify ways in which our spiritual goal of communion with God is shown in the life of the Pilgrim.
Tomorrow evening, we will serve Great Vespers for the Sunday of Orthodoxy at 6:00 p.m.  Keep in mind that at least through the summer, Saturday Vespers will always be at 6:00 p.m.  Sunday morning we will offer St. Basil's liturgy for the Sunday of Orthodoxy.  Remember to bring your favorite icon!
Over the course of next week., we will offer Pre-Sanctified Liturgy on both Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 pm.
2.  Many parishes follow the custom of having children come forward first for communion.  I would like to try that, so after I commune those who cannot come forward, we will commune children (to be organized by Emilia Cannaverde), and then adults.
Great Lent has a way of being difficult.  If it has started that way for you, do not give up.  Pray, fast, confess.  And I am always available to talk to you.
I hope to see you all this weekend.
In Christ,
Fr. James