Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This weekend in our Orthodox spirituality class we will be talking about the three stages of spiritual life.  This is an important topic, because we need to be able to see ourselves clearly, without either despair or false pride.  If we understand the road that we are on, we can undertake our journey in a more conscious and deliberate fashion.  Everyone can benefit from this concept, and especially those who are scratching their heads and going "Stages?  There are stages?"
The class is at 4:00 pm on Saturday.  Please make it if you can.
Following our discussion, we will serve Great Vespers, and Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. 
On Wednesday evening at 6:00 we will serve small compline.
Other notes:
1.  House blessings continue, and thus far each of them has been a great blessing to me.  If you want your house blessed, talk to me about setting a date.
2.  For our Lenten reading this year, we will re-visit a book we studied several years ago, the Russian classic "The Way of the Pilgrim".  It fits in very nicely with our Orthodox Spirituality class, and will let us continue our discussion.  I need to go ahead and order the books.  If you have a copy already, let me know.
3.  Most of you don't need the reminder, but I have noticed crumbs on the floor of the Church after Liturgy.  They can only have come from the blessed bread, the antidoron, which is distributed.  While antidoron is not consecrated, it is still blessed, and should be handled very carefully.  When you get a piece, handle it with care, and try not to leave crumbs on the floor.
Stay warm on this cold weekend, and I hope to see everybody along the way!
In Christ,
Fr. James