Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We finally reached Great and Holy Friday during this Holy Week of 2019. It has been a long journey through Great Lent, and I thank all of you for taking it with me. A now, it is only a matter of hours before we find ourselves celebrating Holy Pascha.

Our schedule over the next couple of days: At 7 PM tonight, we will have Great Vespers for Great and Holy Friday, which is commonly referred to as the burial service for Christ. At 10 o’clock Saturday morning we will serve a Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil. By the time we start we should have news of the Holy Fire descending in Jerusalem. We will come to the church again at 10:30 on Saturday night to celebrate Resurrection Matins, followed by Divine Liturgy for the feast of the Resurrection of our Lord beginning at midnight. Afterwords, we will bless Pascha baskets and then we will sit down and break the fast together. On Sunday afternoon at 4 PM, we will return to the church for agape Vespers. There will not be a Liturgy on Sunday morning at our usual time of 10 a.m.

During the coming week we will serve as a Molieben for the sick and the suffering on Wednesday evening at 6 PM. Saturday we will return to our more normal schedule of Great Vespers at 6 PM, followed by divine liturgy for the Sunday at Thomas at 10 AM.

I very much look forward to seeing all of you a lot this weekend!

In Christ,

Fr. James

P.S. - A traffic note - There is work being done this weekend on the dome of the Cherokee County courthouse, and the Murphy Police Department has announced that Peachtree Street in front of the courthouse will be closed this weekend. If that is the way you enter town you will need to detour down the side streets on either side of Peachtree Street, or come into town via Hiawassee Street.