Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Today is the day when we commemorate the Prophet Elias.  He has more of a connection to our church than most people realize.  A little known fact:  If for some reason our church was not named St. Nicholas, I had two back ups that I was going to suggest.  One was St. Herman of Alaska, but the second that Elias, because he traditionally is associated with mountains.  Neither of those came to pass, but it is a piece of little known history.
Another bit of little known history:  Today is Subdeacon Maximus’ birthday.  Many years!  If you are out and about in Blue Ridge this evening and run across him, make sure you sing at him!
1.  The coming week:  This Saturday there will not be an Old Testament class, so we will start with Great Vespers at 5:00 pm.  On Sunday we will be commemorating the Holy Myrrh-bearer and Equal to the Apostles Mary Magdalene.
On Wednesday evening we will serve small compline at 6:00 pm.
Remember that if you wish to take the sacrament of confession, or need to talk to me, let me know and we will work out a time for that to happen.
2.  Remember that on August 12 we will celebrate the 9th anniversary of our existence.  There will be a pot luck dinner to share following Divine Liturgy that day.
3.  The Church will hold a yard sale on Saturday, August 25.  Planning is still underway, but my understanding is that we will offer lightly used items, including furniture.  We don’t want piles of clothing, but if you have clothing that is in good condition from a good brand, that will be acceptable.  You can get more information by speaking to Anamay, Joyce, Van or Carolyn.
I hope to see you all this weekend!
In Christ,
Fr. James