Martyr Kyra of Persia

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

There are a couple of ways of looking at this weekend.  On the one hand, it is the first day thus far that has hinted of autumn, which is always pleasing. On the other hand, four months from today is Christmas Eve, which means, roughly, that there are only 120 shopping days before Christmas.  Pani told me recently of a study which found that people who put out Christmas decorations early tend to be happier and more well adjusted than other people.  The study may or may not have been funded by the National Christmas Industry Council, but is interesting nonetheless.  If, however, you cannot wait 4 months for a festive holiday, next Friday will be New Year's Eve.  Seriously.  But we'll talk about that next week.

But on the third hand, so to speak, tomorrow marks our parish yard sale and open house.  My role will be to give tours of the Church and speak knowledgeably to people (the latter being a real challenge, as you can imagine), but many others of us will also be there: greeting visitors, explaining why Greek cookies are so much better than grocery store cookies, and selling doo-dads as well as enjoying the company of our fellow members of St. Nicholas church.  I hope that everybody can make it to the church tomorrow, hopefully to help out, but at least to offer moral support.

Seriously, I do want to thank all of the people that have been working very hard all week on this.  The labor and effort put forth this week alone has been really astonishing.  God willing, their labors will be blessed, and we can make progress toward removing the column in the church.

The open house and yard sale is not the only thing going on, as the important work of the Church continues on.  We will be serving Great Vespers on Saturday afternoon at 5:00 p.m., and Divine Liturgy on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  On Wednesday evening, we will serve small compline at 6:00 p.m.

Please do continue to pray for each other this week.  Add to your prayers one for Subdeacon Maximus as he travels to and from Pennsylvania, where he will be spending the week on site for his St. Stephen's studies.

I hope to see everyone this weekend!

In Christ,

Fr. James