Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It has been a week of unexpected health problems for some reason.  Some of those are among our own, while others are outside of the parish, but among people important to us.  Fr. John Zboyovski, who most of you know as our parish priest in Asheville and a great friend of St. Nicholas, had heart surgery yesterday.  The report is that it went well, and he was to be sent home today, for a period of recuperation.  Fr. Jonathan Tobias, a seminary professor and mentor of mine, also had surgery, and has been sent for home a fairly extensive recovery period. Finally, Fr. Robert Prepelka, who brought my family and I into the Orthodox Church, has retired from active ministry.  Please pray for them, as well as our own brothers and sisters who are struggling with health issues, or life circumstances.
Also pray for Subdeacon Maximus and Emilia.  Next weekend he will leave for intensive, on location, work for his St. Stephen's program.  He will be driving to Pennsylvania for that.  Pray for a safe journey and a rewarding time with his fellow students and teachers in the program.
1.  The coming week:  It is a fairly quiet period for us.  We will serve Great Vespers Saturday evening at 5:00 p.m., followed by Divine Liturgy on Sunday.  On Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. we will serve a molieben of thanksgiving.  That is not one of our usual cycle of Wednesday services, but it is one that has been on my mind lately.  And when is it ever wrong to offer Thanksgiving?
2.  Next weekend:  Our parish yard sale will be Saturday, August 25.  Already, a great many items have found their way to the Church.  If you have appropriate items, or if you want to help out, talk to Anamay, Joyce, Carolyn or Van.
In addition, that Saturday would be the time when we have our Old Testament class.  I'm asking those who have been attending the class to think about whether we should go forward on August 25, or if we should postpone the class to the following Saturday.  Think about it and let me know your thoughts.
3.  Autumn.  Just around the corner.  Just saying...
I hope to see you all this weekend!
In Christ,
Fr. James